Recommendations & Discovery

AI-based recommendations system that analyzes user behaviour and conversion metrics to display personalized products and content to customers across the website or app. Integration by API layer or UI widgets in home page, content pages, category and product pages, cart, marketing chatbot and more. Innovative technology to optimize conversions, action and increase sales.

Smart Search Engine

Extracts the most relevant, accurate and personalized search results for any search phrase. Integration by API layer or an advanced user experience search bar with voice-search and multi-source autocomplete. The system utilizes advanced AI NLP to analyze phrases and learns from customer searches. Results include popular suggestions, categories, content, products, similar and complementary personalized product recommendations, spelling correction and more.

Omni-Channel Communication

Customer service and marketing platform which manages all digital communication channels and customer touch-points in one place: Live Chat, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, E-mail, SMS Messages, Twitter, Telegram, Digital Forms, etc. This world-class system is very comprehensive and includes customer ticket management, customer profile management, agent and queue management, SLA’s, notifications, performance reports, analytics and automation tools.

Personal Assistant

Automated customer service and marketing chat-bot which accompanies the customer’s digital journey. Automatically answers questions, shows personalized content, collect leads, collects feedback and insights. Includes automating a variety of customer-related processes through automated conversation. The system learns from customer interactions to improve constantly and is based on free-text and interactive elements.

Personalize Experience

We improve the customer experience, by creating an individual browsing experience for each customer.

Increase Sales

We engage automatically with customers and recommend relevant products, content and rich media to increase conversions.

Build Loyalty

We build trust through personalization by quickly answering questions and directing to the most relevant products.

Get Feedback

We collect feedback and understand customers by analyzing behaviour and by asking questions directly.

Guide Customers

We create memorable conversations with your customers and let them explore, ask, search and filter more naturally.

Customer Self-Service

We add a new touch-point in which customers serve themselves immediately across digital channels.


  • Basic Customization
  • Limited Monthly Visitors
  • AI Cloud Infrastructure
  • Analytics Reports
  • Email Support
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  • Includes everything on Growth
  • Unlimited Customers and Products
  • Fully Customized for Brand Needs
  • On-Going Optimizations
  • Dedicated Account Manager with Phone & Email Support
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Executive Management at Nixale

Idan Adut


Idan has over 14 years of technological background. Prior to Nixale, he was a part of the high impact 'Recommendations' group at Microsoft.
Idan holds an MBA from Tel-Aviv University and The Wharton School of Business (University of Pennsylvania), with highest honors, and a B.Sc. in Computer Science.
Throughout his career, he received excellence honor awards for his work and held multiple positions in tech companies.

Tal Eilat


Tal has over 12 years of technological background. Prior to Nixale, Tal was a lead developer and product leader at Pic-Time.
After graduating from the Mamram programming school, Tal was a programmer at the prestigious intelligence technology unit of Israel.
Over the years, Tal has founded and developed multiple start-ups and has become an expert of a wide variety of technologies.

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